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So … I’m writing this “Christmas Letter” from Joshua’s laptop. He had to loan it to me because my laptop is broken. I know it’s hard to believe that but I had the laptop back for a whole 2 weeks, having had a new hard drive installed (again) and it stopped working. We have only had the stupid machine for 18 months and are on our 4th repair, 3rd hard-drive (not including the one that it came with). Now one would think that perhaps I have a lemon, but, alas and alack, I do not, until this one (that they are installing now) breaks. Do you sense a slight bit of FRUSTRATION? Don’t be ridiculous, you know what a patient person I am.

Anyway, back to more important stuff. Everything is going well here in windy Red Bluff. I say windy as I had no idea how much the wind blows down here. Of course I didn’t realize that a cattle ranch could smell so much or for such a great distance and that there was so much noise in the country, either. It’s OK, don’t worry, I am getting used to the area. There are some charming reasons for living in the country. As soon as I figure out what those are, I’ll mention them in the newsletter.

The “kids” are doing great. Joshua is still working for DNA in Chico and is our week-end roomie. I think he comes home for our fabulous, funny and entertaining company but his father thinks it might be the home cooking. Either way, we do enjoy having him around. Mike, especially, enjoys him around when he is doing the latest pour (cement borders for the backyard). And then there is the fact that it is always handy to have a computer expert in the house.

Jonathan is still at Stockton Police Department. In January he will be going to the night shift. The bad thing is it is a more “active” shift. The good thing is he will be riding with a partner. In his “spare” time, what little he has, he built a beautiful dining room table. OK, we will admit it, we (his Dad and I) didn’t think there was anyway that man had it in him to build a dining room table but he proved us wrong. His wife, of course, knew he could do it all along. Tiffani is graduating from the Manicurist program at Sac. City College on Friday (12/15) and will be starting the cosmetologist section of her program in January. Who knew? It will be really cool to have a stylist in the house. A little bird told me she is working on some songs for a CD but is prayerfully waiting for funding. I guess those little buggers are expensive to produce.

We did our usual vacation to the Beach house this year and immensely enjoyed the company. It was a great one this year. It is a toss up as to what was better, the beach house or our vacation to Spirit West Coast. SWC is a huge Christian rock concert that goes on for 3 days in Monterey, California. We were with great company, great accommodations and beautiful weather. The music was mind boggling. So much talent in one spot. It was fantastic. We are going again in 2007.

Michael’s brother, Gary, passed away this fall after a battle with cancer. And I do mean battle. He fought it like a warrior. We were so proud of him. We do miss him, terribly but know that we will see him again.

The best news of the whole year is that Mike and I found a church home. We are, now, official members of the North Valley Baptist and New Life Fellowship church of Red Bluff. What a wonderful family of believers that have such a servant’s heart for God’s people. There are no “pew potatoes” in this congregation. I can tell you that. These are people completely dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to any who will listen. I guess during this Christmas season, when we think about Christ being born to die for us, it truly is the best news. To know there are so many loving people taking care of the homeless, the children, inmates, widows, the sick, the dying and all that Jesus called us to care for, is the biggest blessing.

We hope and pray that this next year is one that finds you well, happy and serving the Lord. If you’re not serving the Lord or do not know HIM, call me, we’ll chat.

Love Donna and Mike

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