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My goodness, I don’t know where to begin. It has been quite a year for the Swain family. The biggest event being, of course, the birth of our precious grandchild, Kelton Jonathan Swain. We have had friends and family (Vik, Earl, Jacque and Jim Dahl to name a few) that tried to tell us that being grandparents was AWESOME. We didn’t believe them until it happened to us, although, Mike was more susceptible to their suggestions than I.

Anyway, not only is Kelton precious beyond measure, he is our little miracle grandson. His safe birth, with a weight of 3lbs 12 oz, his stay in NICU and his growth, since then, have been miracles and blessings all along the way. For more of his story, see Yes, he has his own website soon to be the website for both he and his brother/sister. Yes, that’s right (drum roll, please) Tiffani and Jonathan are going to have another little one in May (not sooner!!!). We don’t know boy or girl, yet, but . . . really, who cares?

Tiffani’s miraculous recovery from the birthing ordeal was amazing, also. You really have to check out the website. I am going to be nagging Jonathan in the next week or so to get it updated. Tiffani is glowing in pregnancy this time around and seems to be doing much better than the last one. What a little homemaker. We are so proud of her. She is a great mom, too and has already taught Kelton how to sing. I know, that’s hard to believe isn’t it? But I do have a recording of it on my cell phone. Ask me, I’ll play it for you.

Jonathan is doing stupendous. (Jonathan did you notice I used an even bigger word than I used for your brother?). He’s kinda taken on the maintenance of the website of the Stockton Police Officers’ Association and has already earned a great trip, for Tiffani and himself, to Monterey. The really great thing about that trip was that Mike and I got to baby-sit “you know who.” I don’t want to type his name too often or you’ll think this letter is all about him. Jonathan is perpetuating the Mike Swain fathering method, with his own flair. We are so proud of him.

Joshua is doing fabulous. I swear I don’t know what I would do without him. Not only does he keep me company when Mike is working (holidays and work days at church) and playing (Deacon’s meetings and worship practice), he, also, keeps every electronic device in our house up and running. If I had to wire that stuff we would be in candlelight with nothing but a good book (actually, that doesn’t sound too bad). He is really appreciated by his boss and received a VERY NICE bonus last week. He loves the Lord, his job, his family and fishing. I’m not sure in what order, though.

I absolutely love the grandmother thing. My name is Nana, by the way. He is so cute!!! I’m the secretary for the Sparky director at church. The director used to be Michael but he will be stepping down next week. His schedule is changing, again, at work and is going to be a challenge for us. I’m still working at the clinic. It’s been 10 years, now. I don’t like the drive to Redding but the job is good money.

Mike is doing well. He had a pretty serious result from an MRI on his back, recently. He has a herniated disk, some weird structural stuff and some bulging discs. Physical Therapy seems to be working for him so we are happy with that. He has been involved in the Sparky program at church, as the director, is on the worship team and is a Deacon. It keeps him pretty busy. He got the lawn in for the backyard and was so pleased the first time he set Kelton on it.

We took a fabulous vacation this year in Mexico with the Andrews family (that’s Andrews family not Adams family). You’ll have to check out the pictures in the gallery.

Above all else, the most precious thing in mine and Michael’s lives is our relationship with Jesus Christ. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ask one of us. We’d be happy to share. We are praying that you and your family are blessed this holiday season and that 2009 is a very special year.

Love Donna (Nana) and Mike (Pabar)

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