PostHeaderIcon 30 Years !!!

Mike & Donna Wedding RenewalI know, 30 years is a long time. It seems like yesterday that we were two young kids freshly in love. It is an age-old boring adage that says “time goes by so quickly”. But let me tell you, it’s true. Mike and I celebrated our 30 years of marriage on Sunday, July 2nd with family and friends with a renewal celebration. The surprise party was thrown by our bestest friends, Earl and Vikki Welch. It was perfect, right down to the party favors. Nick Welch did a wonderful renewal ceremony (he’s our favorite Pastor). Tiffani sang my favorite song that I dedicated to Mike a few years ago and did a wonderful job. The food,
weather, company and cake were perfect. We were so surprised. We weren’t surprised, however, that so many people were there to support us and celebrate with us. We have always known that we have an amazing circle of wonderful friends and very loyal family.

Of course, Thank You, would never be sufficient words to say for such a wonderful celebration. Everyone said some wonderful things to us and left us speechless. Now that I have had time to contemplate, however, I have lots of things to say. God has really blessed us with a unique relationship. It really is not so much our doing as much as God’s doing that we have been married so long. That and an amazing passion for each other.

When people ask me why we have been married so long or why we have such great kids, all we can say is “It is God’s work in our lives”.

Thank you, again, so much, to everyone who was there. A special thank you to Vik, Earl and Nick Welch who worked so hard to carry it off. Also, thank you to our 3 kids, who are, despite our best efforts, exceptional human beings.

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