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Swain Family PortraitWhere do we begin? It has been some time since we did a newsletter so I will just give you the last year of news. Michael and I now live in Red Bluff. We bought a house in July 2005. It is a nice little 3 bedroom, 2 bath in the middle of, what I like to call, the blankity blank country. It started out without any landscaping in the backyard and still doesn’t have any landscaping in the backyard. We were able to re-do the lousy landscaping job that the contractors did in our front yard. Not a small accomplishment for a year. We just finished getting the underground
sprinkler system in and may call that good for this year. I know, everything slows down as you approach 50. Michael is 16 years, now, at Sierra Pacific. He is a millwright and is fortunate to be on day shift, 10 hour shifts, 4 days a week. This gives him Fri., Sat., and Sunday for the yard work (my idea, not his). Anyway, I imagine he will be at Sierra Pacific for some time to come. I am still at the clinic as the administrative assistant. Although, I quit the front office supervisor position a couple of years ago, I find myself still somewhat involved in that position, as well. The two great things about my job are the pay and the fact that my boss really appreciates the job that I do. Job satisfaction is always important, right?

Here is the spot where I would list all of our hobbies and our references but this is not, after all, a resume.

Joshua is still programming for a small start-up company in Chico. I don’t know what they are “starting up” but he keeps at it. He has resisted all attempts to get him to move to the city for more pay or to get him “hooked up” with a wife. He’s stubborn. I’m not sure where that came from but he does remind me, at times, of his FATHER!!!!!!!

Jonathan is doing great in Stockton. He is a police office for the city, there, and is still alive, so things are good. Tiffani is our joy. She is going back to school to fulfill another dream of hers, cosmetology school. We, of course, want her to be happy but more importantly, we want free hair cuts and color.

Anyway, consider this the Christmas letter that I did not send 6 months ago. I was busy with asthma, the flu and feeling generally miserable. I’m sorta better, now, other than the whining that I do on a daily basis.

Hopefully, if all goes well and Joshua knows as much as he pretends to, you will see, attached to this article, the latest picture of all 5 of us, that Jonathan took with his fancy camera set up.

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