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So much is going on, I don’t know where to begin. I turned 50 in December and my wonderful husband threw me a “surprise” birthday party. I would call it a roast. A number of my friends had a great time giving me a hard time, if you know what I mean. It was very touching to see all of the people who really do care about me, there (I admit it, reluctantly, as I fought the whole party idea for a year and was convinced I had Mike on board) NOT. Right on the heels of my birthday came Michael’s birthday which was spent low key as he is in his “early 50’s” and I was much nicer to him than he to me.

Through January and February Tiffani continued to improve in her pregnancy with the Zofran working very well to control her vomiting. We were pleased with her progress and I was very busy with the invitations, details and planning for the “baby shower of the century”. I thought the baby shower, on February 23rd, was very nice and the kids were blessed with so many wonderful gifts. It was a real joy to do it for her as she is one of those type of people that is so appreciative of everything you do for her.

After the shower we settled down to the waiting until April for our precious grandchild. As many know now, we didn’t have to wait long. Tiffani started experiencing some swelling with her pregnancy and had what we thought was gall bladder problems the week end of the shower. It was, however, eclampsia and Tiffani became very ill. You can read all the details on little Kelton’s own website, Yes, my grandchild has his own website, thanks to his “techie” Uncle, Josh. Amazing technology today, I swear. Little Kelton was born on 2/28/08, 6 weeks early weighing in at 3 lbs. 12 oz. Jonathan was born at 8 lbs 2 oz. so Kelton was less than half the size of his Dad. He is doing amazingly well and we are looking forward to him coming home very soon (way ahead of schedule, actually).

Meanwhile, during all of the drama of Tiffani’s serious illness (God has been merciful in full measure, saving both of their lives), Michael became a Deacon at our church. It is a real “step of faith” for him. As, I am sure, most Deacons feel, he feels inadequate for the job, which, of course, is perfect because he knows God is his adequacy. I am proud of his decision because I know how much faith it required for him to “step out” of his comfort zone (to use some modern terminology). Please pray for his continued wisdom, discernment and that he is always in God’s will.

Well, I guess that’s a beginning of letting you know how things are going. I am sure few people will be reading this website as most family and friends are totally tuned into but thought I would make sure that this website doesn’t get too far behind.

We are going to Mexico with the Andrews family in June and are really looking forward to the relaxation time.

Wow, what a year so far and it’s only March.

Love to all, Donna

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