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The best news of 2007 is that Joshua is going to Mexico with us in June of 2008. Just kidding, Jonathan. Thought you would get a kick out of that, or mayby not. Actually, we are very excited to be expecting. OK, you know I am not talking about Mike and I. We are gonna be grandparents next year and couldn’t be more excited. If I have been able to master modern day electronics, there will be a sono picture attached to this article for you to see. I know, sono pictures are only exciting to the parents and grandparents but, too bad, look at it anyway. We don’t know what it is yet, but it is definitely human and we are happy about that.

Bebe Swain !!!!

Bebe Swain Sonogram

Let’s see, we really are going to Mexico in June of 2008. Coincidentally 2 months after the birth of our grandchild. Uh oh, we are back to the grandchild, again.

We have been very busy teaching Sunday school, working as leaders in Awanas, at our church and working on our back yard. The back yard is definitely a challenge.

We had a great time with Vik, Earl, Dan, Sue, Jon, Tif, Blake, Kim, Hunter, Thomas, Shannon, Uri and Joshua at our recent Octoberfest party. It is always fun to have people come to our house. We don’t get to be hosts very often. We had a pumpkin carving contest. Dan Dorsey won it with a fire breathing pumpkin. The, unofficial, cake decorating contest was won by Jonathan with a black spider cake. Hopefully, there are pictures of both with this article. Again, it will require I get them sent to Joshua who maintains my .com. I know, it’s pathetic that I don’t maintain my own website but he is so much better and quicker at it.

Dan & His Winning Pumpkin

Dan - Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner

Jon & His Winning Cake

Jonathan - Cake Contest Winner

Not much else going on. Just waiting for the sono that will tell us whether our grandchild is a boy or a girl. Be looking for our Christmas letter. We will catch you up on everything then.


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